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Monday, 13 July 2020 
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Welcome to DESCnet Support. Here you will be able to find answers to some common questions or you may search our support site for key words.


Remote desktop support

Windows users: Click here when directed by support staff
Mac users: Click here when directed by support staff


This will download a small self installing program which will ask your permission to proceed.

After agreeing to allow the program to run, you will be presented with a screen which has a list of support options on the left hand side.

Support staff will indicate which of these to double click.


This will give us full control of your desktop and you will see us take over your mouse.


At the completion of the session the program will uninstall itself automatically.


Quick info

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Perth Metro 08 9489 4200


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How to configure Outlook Express

How to configure Microsoft Outlook

Spam configuration Outlook Express

Spam configuration Microsoft Outlook




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